It's all a blur.
But it's already week 8 and that's terrifying.
Out in the big, bad world in just 4 weeks.
We started Ruby on week 6, which is difficult because I didn't feel all that comfortable in the MEAN stack.  That's one of the main takeaways in coding bootcamp.  You really can't get comfortable in anything.  It's always changing, it's always moving forward, there's a new language/version just around the corner.  There's always a different way of doing something. And honestly, it's silly to try to become a 'master' at anything besides probably HTML, CSS and JavaScript because everything else is somewhat up for grabs to change.  Good and bad.
You can feel the weight of the 2-month slump settling in on everyone.  It's intense. It's all day. It's every day. It's all-consuming. There's time for nothing else. When you do try to make time for people/events, something else has gotta go, whether that be sleep, food, or homework.
The good thing is, the education is never finished. After bootcamp, we'll be doing similar things.  Learning and implementing.
That seems to be the developer way. Learn a new concept, see if you can implement it. Build something with that new concept. See how it turns out.  Debug, debug, debug!  Try again.  
The 8 week slump has definitely settled in.  It's a tough program. It's hard not feeling like you're great at anything, but instead just barely mediocre at 'everything'.  And that's 'everything' in quotes because there is an endless array of information you 'should' or 'could' know to be successful as a Web Developer.  It's overwhelming how much there is to know. It really never ends.
Learning the MEAN stack has made Ruby look like child's play.  So that's comforting at least to know that the difficulty levels do switch. It's not all as hard as the JavaScript-based stack.
I'll say the most classic line ever;
Looking back, I'm amazed at how much I've learned. Looking forward, I'm disappointed and terrified at all there is to know.
Do I feel ready to be hired as a Junior Web Developer?  No.
Do I feel ready to keep building projects and studying?  Definitely.
And honestly, from what I've researched/talked to people about, a lot of being a Junior Developer is being super hyped about learning and being humble.
Humility is super important in this field.
I feel encouraged/discouraged simultaneously.  Overall, at the moment.. discouraged.
I still struggle with pretty basic concepts. The content has moved ridiculously quickly.  And the teaching style has been hard for me to learn from.
I don't feel like I've failed/am failing by any means.  But I do feel wary about finding a job right after I graduate.
So... I guess..  I'll update again on week 9?
The coding blues continues..


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