I am absolutely terrified to think that I am already approaching the last two weeks of coding bootcamp. The last section of bootcamp is a flurry of projects.  What I thought were long days before were short compared to now.  Quite literally, I have spent 12-14 hours coding non-stop every day the past two weeks working on two group projects, which I'm quite proud of, I must admit.  It was worth the time and effort.

This is definitely the time where it really starts to sink in.  The information is being implemented and practiced instead of heard about and worked on in short sprints. These are fully fledged, real ideas coming to life through a web application and it's honestly worth the entire journey up until now just to have that.  The moment when you have an idea and can see it become a reality that you can physically touch and interact with, and more than that, that the entire world can touch and interact with  is really pretty awesome.  I don't think I had that type of understanding and appreciation until now.  The final project that we begin next week will extend that as it's individual. So from start to finish, it's our little idea turned into a big reality through the big, bad, internet !
Pretty cool stuff.

My class feels like family.  It's weird how that happens.  If people are together long enough, experiencing weird/intense enough things together, you just start to really care about the people around you. Even the people I commute with, though I don't know them, I feel connected to in a way.  But my class especially has really turned out to be one of the best groups I think I could've been a part of.

It's really interesting to look back at how they wind down the whole 8ish weeks of intensive lectures and information to build these incredible web apps that literally could change the way humanity learns and interacts with material, health, each other.  The web is so powerful.  To have an idea that you can implement and instantly share with the world is a gift. I'm so thankful I get to be a part of it.

Every day of coding bootcamp is an emotional roller coaster. I still feel totally overwhelmed with how much there is to know.  And I have so much more work to do after bootcamp.  But, the thing is, through bootcamp you learn the amazing thing that you really can learn anything. You can be handed a topic you didn't even know how to spell, and suddenly be implementing it.  Through Google, lots of google, but also through testing your brain to see what it can put together.  You get to play logic puzzles and vocalize your thought processing and try to phrase questions in a way that makes sense and receive help that's actually helpful.  It's the process of doing that, that has been so inspiring to me throughout this whole bootcamp.  It's really learning how to be an effective and efficient learner.  And when you hear something that sounds crazy complicated, how to break down the complications and chew on each individual piece until you can spit out something that doesn't seem as crazy. And there's parts of it that are still totally confusing, but it works!  And you implemented it. And you're learning. You can physically see yourself learn.

It's nice that they end bootcamp on that note of building stuff and seeing what you can build.  It already feels like it's the end in some ways, but, I will update again on scary Week 11. When the end is nearer than near.
Woo hoo!


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