These last couple weeks have been rough.  Working with people is hard.  The coding is hard, but put two coders together and things get hairy.
Well, not exactly true. I've actually loved the coding community. Some of the nicest people I've met.  But projects get personal.  And when two people are working together to output something personal, that gets hard.
We started Angular this week. It's funny because everyone talked up Angular as this big, new, terrifyingly difficult thing.  But I think people say that thinking that everything else we've done hasn't been that; big, new, terrifyingly difficult.  So for me, Angular is really just a continual from what we've been doing the last 4 weeks prior.  And it's actually made me excel.  I've been finishing way before everyone else which is crazy! I'm usually on step 2 and everyone else is done.  But I think honestly it's the mindset I've attained from constantly having to grasp new concepts quickly and not having anything be familiar.  The other concepts in JavaScript and Node were pretty familiar I think to most of the class, which made Angular feel extra hard.
For me, AngularJs was just another big concept to grasp along with all the others.
And we're building things now!  Real things!  This weekend, we're building our first, full-stack MEAN web application.  That is Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node (MEAN).  I'm excited about knowing the full MEAN stack. It's something I researched a lot before coming to bootcamp, so it's crazy to know what it is and be able to use it to build a web application.  Super exciting.
It is somewhat monotonous, but there's little things that stand out.  This week, I found out two of my classmates totally had my back and spoke up to the teacher about a situation with my pair programmer.  It's a good moment to know when you feel totally stuck in a situation, people are looking out for you. We don't always get to hear about it, but usually there's someone/multiple people that have been watching and possibly even intervening on your behalf.
We are now officially the oldest WDI group.  The WDI ahead of us is finished! Which is terrifying.
As one of the students said on his last day, 'I am now officially transitioning from 'student' to 'unemployed''.  Yay.  Haha
Next week, more Angular, and week after that, Ruby!  Then we are half-way.
Scary, scary stuff.


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