So today some guy stole my drink very casually while I was eating lunch. Just literally walked up, opened it, started drinking it, and walked away. Welcome to San Francisco I guess. Woo hoo.  I mean, I love it. The tall buildings, all the people, the Bart rides. There is actually no sarcasm here. I genuinely am so unbelievably stoked to live in the city.
Bootcamp. Geez. They name it bootcamp and that's exactly what they mean. Bootcamp. As in, literally you have no time to do anything. They said, and I quote, "We will give you more than you could ever hope to accomplish every day for homework."  So..  It's comforting in a way that they know how ridiculous it is.
Honestly about every other hour I feel like I should just give up and go home.  I hate it.  I hate receiving assignment after assignment that I have no idea how to even begin. And I'm so lost,  I feel like the only way I could scrape through is to have someone feed me line by line the code. I hate the feeling of drowning in information every 2 hours because that's when the new material is being taught: every 2 hours.  I hate getting homework assignments after two 2 hour sessions of material I haven't even begun to grasp.  And then being told we'll do that tonight because we're out of time and it's time for another 2-4 hour session and completely brand new material. It has been 6 days and we've gone over 3 coding languages and 4 coding libraries. I'm only beginning to grasp the differences between those. Oh, and don't forget Git, Github, Terminal. All new material and command lines.  Oh, and throw in there you have homework as well for 'Outcomes' that gets checked once a week. Oh, and, build a website from scratch and be updating that website with all the homework you're completing. Oh, and you have an hour and a half commute each way.
Let me break this down for you.
Wake up at 6. Leave by 7. Bart Station by 7:15, on Bart by 7:30, get to the city by 8:30
Jam in a cram session for 30 minutes
9-11: Totally new material, probably, oh I don't know, the entire framework for how to build a website in about an hour and a half and then a completely unrelated, extremely highly difficult problem you're supposed to now be able to solve in 30 minutes.
11-1: Repeat 9-11 with ENTIRELY new material.
12:15-1:15 - Lunch. Regain your sanity. Pace back and forth. Blast music till you literally can't hear/see/breathe code for like 2 seconds.
1:15-3:15 - Repeat 9-11 with, you guessed it, ENTIRELY new material!
Then, 3:15-5:15 (possibly 8-9), bang your head against the wall for hours over the homework for the night. Work for 3, 4, 5 hours and maybe get 1/4 through the assignment, which is one of 4 assignments due THAT NIGHT.
Oh yes. Do it again tomorrow.
Happy Coding Bootcamp!


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